About the courses

In our Center there two types of main regular courses: “Minnano nihongo” course – cover all aspects of learning foreign language. Such as writing, reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary build. It suits more to persons who would like to study Japanese language from the very beginning with attention to grammar knowledge. The full course continues 3 years. Marugoto course –helps to build speaking skills in Japanese from the beginning level. This course offer lots of information about culture, traditions and real life of Japan. The full course continues 2 years. In our center the main regular course for adults and children is divided to the following levels: Beginner level 1 (1 year) Beginner Level 2 (1 year) Intermediate (1 year) In addition to regular courses mentioned above, Japanese language courses offer short time special courses (e.g. special training courses, Japanese language speaking course, Hiragana alphabet course, JLPT introduction course and etc.). Our lessons are held by experienced local teachers, trained in Japan, as well as native speakers. The department of Japanese language courses is leaded by Japanese language education expert of the Japan Foundation. In order to develop education of Japanese language in our country our course conducts various activities. These are Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) “Nihongo Noreku Shiken” examination; fully support the work of “Organization of Japanese Language Teachers in Uzbekistan”; providing support in “Uzbekistan speech contest in Japanese language”; education seminars with specially invited professors from Japan; other activities with local organizations. Also, the Centre provides free consultation and recommendations to any organizations, teachers of Japanese language and individuals. The number of people learning Japanese language in our Center is increasing year by year. This year we have 243 students studying at our courses of Japanese language. 

If you have further questions, please contact to Program Officer:

Nafisa Khaydarova

E-mail: nafisa@ujc.uz, Tel: 234-5068, 234-0583