Japanese language

Japanese language courses, founded in October 2001, and successfully accomplish their activities. Course activity is based on the foundation laid by teachers in the first decade of starting stage and was concentrated to the future development of course.

Japanese language courses practice in following 4 areas:

• General public Japanese language courses

• Supporting course of Japanese language teachers and institutions

• Event activities for Japanese learners

• Participating in the exam organizations for training in Japan

Before the Center’s foundation for more than 90% of all Japanese language learners have belonged to the State educational institutions and the possibility of learning the language was limited for other people who has strong willing to study but has no relation with state educational institutions. Therefore, since its opening, the Center provides an opportunity to study the Japanese language to all interested people who have no chance to learn the language in higher educational institutions. Today, about 30% of total amount of Japanese language learners are enrolled in the same public educational institutions like Uzbekistan-Japan Center.