Calligraphy contest

"The way of writing» (shodo) stretches to Japan from China.Calligraphy - an ancient art of beautiful writingIn Japan, the art of beautiful and expressive writing is to this day one of the most important aspects of art and everyday life.Far Easterncalligraphy - not just a peculiar system of writing, this is one of the leading artshas a deep philosophical meaning.




We invite all of you to participate on 8th Calligraphy contest where participants can demonstrate your japanese hieroglyps callygraphy skills. 

Calligraphy contest: 25 January (fr.) 18:30-20:00

Awarding ceremony: 02 February (fr.) 17:00-18:00 

Place: Uzbekistan-Japan Center
Number of participants: 10 participants
Conditions of participation: pre-registration is requared
Contact person: Guzal, Sabina

 (998-71) 120-73-94 / 95