How to apply


Procedures of application:


  1. Candidates have to fill in the online form at the Center’s website in Russian or English and attach the following documents: photo 3x4 (as for passport), passport – registration page, diploma of graduation from higher education institution.
  2. Candidates that pass application stage will be invited to the examination that consists of questions in mathematics and logics.
    Download sample test 
  3. Candidates that successfully pass test will be invited to interview with administration and experts of business courses.

*Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 8,9.
Or you can receive application as a Microsoft Word file by sending request to 

If you do not have a hi


Requirements to the candidates:


  1. Education and skills: candidates must have higher education (Bachelor degree of higher). 
  2. Work experience: trainees must have at least 2 years of working experience.

*If you do not have higher education, secondary or specializid secondary education and 4 years of experience is necessary. 

If you have questions about the Program or application form, please, contact coordinators of Business Courses by telephone or e-mail