Goals and purposes of the course: the goal of the course is to provide opportunities to trainees to develop managerial skills that will help to organize business with contribution in economic development of the country. Besides gaining wide spectrum of knowledge in business sphere, PMP trainees get acquainted with concept of organizational communications and gain useful business contacts.

Expected result: by the end of the program trainees have to develop business plan on the basis of their own business ideas that are applicable and practicable in local conditions.

PMP curriculum includes the following subjects:  

# Subject  Duration Trainer
1.  Presentation and Communication Skills 1 week  Dilshod Alimkhanov
2.  Business Mathematics 1 week  Marina Suchilina
3.  Business Management  2 weeks  Durbek Mukhamedov
4.  Microeconomics for Managers 2 weeks  Yuliy Yusupov
5.  Macroeconomics fo Managers 1 week  Yuliy Yusupov

 Entrepreneurship and Marketing Research

1 week  Elena Kiselyova,
 Sofiya Narinyan
7.  Project Management 1 week  Dmitriy Kuchkarov
8.  Marketing 2 weeks  Fujita Shinobu
9.  Basic Accounting 1 week  Larisa Skachkova
10.  Financial and Managerial Accounting 2 weeks  Larisa Skachkova
11.  Profitability Analysis 1 week  Nodir Khaydarov
12.  Business Law 1 week  Ruslan Udras
13.  Service Management 1 week  Diyas Mutalov
14.  Production Management 1 week  Tetsuo Fukuyama
15.  Human Resource Management 1 week  Masaru Fujiwara
16.  Business Planning 4 weeks  Elena Kiselyova, 
 Sofiya Narinyan

*Changes in the program are possible.