Specialized courses

Specialized courses are intended for professionals with profound expertize seeking to extend their knowledge base and skills in a specific business discipline.


Specialized courses are featured high quality, intensive, interactive, practical and in-depth study oriented short-term courses. Each course covers the specific topic of business discipline that enables to give the insights for solving real business issues.


Two types of business courses are offered to meet market needs.

  • Soft-skills courses: Business communication skills, Conflict resolution skills, Skills for successful negotiation, Interaction skills with costumers and Leadership.
  • Core-courses: Kaizen system, International and Advanced Marketing, Branding, Corporate Sales, Budget Planning, Profitability Analysis, Logistics, Project and Inventory Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management.


All business courses are conducted by qualified international expert and local consultants in Russian.

Target audience: senior managers, mid-level manager and specialist as well as rank and file officers interested to enhance personal and professional management capacity.