Business courses

In conditions of transition to market economy and developing market, Uzbekistan needs a new generation of professionals that have new knowledge and skills for business. Thereby the Uzbekistan-Japan Center provides business courses and seminars that  embrace wide range of peoople from young people who only plan first steps in business sector to business people with many yeras of work experience.

Business Courses of the Uzbekistan-Japan Center is knowledge and skills from writing resume to business plan design, gain new specialized knowledge, education of personnel in companies not only in Tashkent, but also in regions, and also have an opportunity to participate in trainings in Japan.  

Business Courses is 

  • Interactive Open Seminars for studendts
  • Young Course Specilists for university graduates and young employees
  • Proffessional Management Program for top managers, entrepreneurs and business people who plan to start a new business
  • Short-term seminars and trainings for specialist
  • Regional trainings in different business spheres
  • Corporate trainings with participation of Japanese specialists
  • Business trainings in Japan for business courses graduates
  • Business forums and seminars
  • A place to meet new business partners