Marina Sharashova

I was born on 18th of July, 1968, in Tashkent. During 1975-1985, I studied in boarding-school Number 102 specialized for hearing impaired and deaf children. After school graduation, I enrolled to LVC and became a club staff worker. After that I started studying at  Institute of Culture named after Krupskiy N.K., majored in Leisure teacher. Worked in RDK UZ as “Methodist Organizer” in RDK UZOG, also as “Children Event Organizer”. I have applied to computer skills courses for “hearing impaired persons” with huge enthusiasm when I heard about the opening in the Uzbekistan-Japan Center. So as that time I had no knowledge in computing. Now I have a complete computer skill with an attentive and considerate help of my teachers and professional deaf and dumb language translators. Luckily, now I became a teacher of these courses. I love my job, and I am so glad to see my student learning courses of computer literacy with a big willingness to learn.