About UJC office in Bukhara

Since the establishment of the Uzbekistan-Japan Center (UJC) in 2001, single events on business courses, ikebana, origami and others have been conducted in the regions of Uzbekistan in order to familiarize their inhabitants with the culture of Japan for many times.

Development of UJC activities in the regions was requested by the Government of Uzbekistan from the very beginning of Center’s activities and Resolution of the Uzbek Government dated December 2005 has defined major directions of regional activities.

Bukhara city in Bukhara region is located 550 kilometers to the West from Tashkent was chosen as a place for activities. The population of Bukhara is 260,000 persons and it takes the 5th place on quantity of inhabitants among the Uzbek cities. Bukhara region is famous for high development rate of cotton cultivation and meanwhile, there are no large-scale plants so the region is considered to be a center of tourist business medium and small-size enterprises. This city is also far from the capital and there is a big gap in the volume of information flow; only a few lectures were conducted on practical business-related issues, particularly marketing, business-matching and others. Since Bukhara has a lot of historical monuments and each year many Japanese tourists visit it, it is considered that there is a high demand for Japanese language training, especially there is a significant need in guides-interpreters.

In order to contribute to human resources development that is required for the further economic developing of the country, the Center conducts practical training on management issues with the application of Japanese experience and knowledge. Additionally, we have some courses of Japanese language training for widening friendly relationships and developing contacts between the two countries. In order to familiarize with Japanese culture and traditions and to promote a diversified and interactive field for cultural exchange, there are various cultural classes and courses held at the Center as well.

UJC office in Bukhara is located at the premises of Bukhara State University. The University was established in 1970 and the number of students is more than 7,500. Regardless of the fact that the University is 1 kilometer far from the city center, it is easy to access it. This educational institution is composed of the department of history, geography, economics, information-mathematics, Uzbek literature and foreign languages.

Also Korean and Arabic centers are located at the territory of the University and this confirms that the large number of students express deep interest in learning foreign languages.


Center’s main activities are as follows:

  • Japanese language courses
  • Diversified classes and courses on cultural exchange
  • Conducting short-term business seminars.

Photos of the opening ceremony UJC in Bukhara March 28, 2007

In 2010, branch of Bukhara celebrated its 3-year anniversary, and in 2011, joyfully welcomed their anniversary with 50000 visitors.

On March 10, 2012, Center celebrated its 5-year anniversary. A celebration was held on March 10, in the hotel «Bukhara Palace». The anniversary program included two parts. In the first part there was an organized exhibition, where guests were acquainted with the activities of Bukhara branch. Furthermore, guests watched a video and photo exhibition which was dedicated to the activity of Bukhara branch. It was a great opportunity for visitors to improve their knowledge about the culture of Japan. Also, for those who wanted to know about Japanese culture in more detail, there were several Japanese culture classes. Moreover, visitors received information about Japanese language courses and education in Japan. In the second part of the program, there was a big concert show, where students, staff and volunteers of Bukhara branch showed the audience incredible and wonderful performances of Japanese music, dance, and Karate.

Starting on April 10, 2014, the Bukhara branch moved to a new place because of the renovation of  Bukhara State University.

Now, the Bukhara branch will temporarily conduct its activities at its new location at str., Hamza 16, (Graphic arts faculty building, 1st floor).